Investing in Classic Cars - Garage instead of safe deposit box

At long term our Classic Cars prove to be a stable investment.
The members of the CCAoE Investment Clubs are people who are looking for modern ways to use parts of their assets as profitably as possible. They are looking for ways to earn a respectable return within a reasonable period of time.

And all of this associated with the highest possible security.

If you are among these people, the CCAoE Investment Clubs may probably be rolling for you as well on the right return-highway.

The Classic Car Association of Europe offers the participation in the CCAoE Investment Club program to interested persons.

The CCAoE investment clubs are established at the local level by our active members and made available to interested investors. They are independent and self-managing and have the purpose, in addition to investments in securities, to offer to their members the allocation of common loans to the Classic Car Association of Europe. Secured by registered mortgage letters on the properties of the Classic Car Association, the vehicles and other securities.