The CCAoE Investment Clubs

To give a say and control to our investors and sponsoring members, the CCAoE-Management initiated the CCAoE Investment Club Program.
In a variety of places in Europe and in Switzerland, local CCAoE investment clubs arise as partnerships. The limited number of individual shareholders (members) guarantees each Member the right level of influence at the respective shareholder meetings. The voting rights garantee each member influence regarding the management and use of assets on the level of each individual CCAoE Investment Club.

Each Investor, each sponsoring member is now shareholder with voting rights and can actively take part in the definition of the direction where his local CCAoE Investment Club is heading.

Such as voting on the investment strategy or even the appointment of a new Managing Director. Here you can accompany your investment actively in equal part with other shareholders and the management.

All CCAoE Investment Clubs are secured by the the vehicle stock of the Classic Car Association of Europe, listed real estate mortgage letters and other securities.