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Information for Investors


The Conditions on one page:

Time span: 3 years minimum
Expected return: 5-8%* per year
Minimum Investment: 3'000 Euro
Maximal Investment: 100'000 Euro within 12 months
No issuing fees, no management fees or other costs

Your benefits:

first rate return of 5-8%*, no fees or costs
Highly secured through mortgages and liens by the Classic Car Association
Beginning as low as 3'000 Euro
As a shareholder you have voting rights regarding your investment and the investing strategy
BridgeWard MasterCard: to save money on gas and to receive your proceeds in a very convenient way

How it works:

1) the new shareholder signs an application form
2) acceptation of the application by the management
3) paying-in of the investment amount
4) after a period of 3 years payout of the proceeds, termination and rebursement of the investment are possible
* Note: Positive value developments in the past are no guarantee for the future!