The Offering:

Classic cars now belong to the few assets with a built-in guarantee. For years the indices which are based on classic cars rise from all time high to all time high. Aside from some exotics, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and co. proved even more stable as all precious metals of this world - shares and funds not to mention.

Therefore it was at the time to see a merger of lovers of these rolling gems of the industrial age to use the economic potential that has arisen here for interested investors.

The older, the worse: At full throttle from one all time high to the next. All the oldtimers indices show green lights.

Here is how we earn your return:

The Classic Car Association of Europe invests in the purchase of classic cars trying to reflect in particular the vintage indices of Southwest Bank and the HAGI. The success of the past years proves us right - the total yield has always been between 15-20% * per year.

To learn more about the investment policy of the Classic Car Association of Europe see our Web site:
* Note: Positive value developments in the past are no guarantee for the future!